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The filling of the Spirit leads to brutal changes in our lives!

If you are visited by the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues, among other virtues of the Holy Spirit, surely your life will be transformed, no one lights a lamp and hides under the bed, God fills our lives the power of Him, at least need to be reflections of the character of Jesus, so that the Lord's name will be exalted through us.

If you have been filled with the Spirit in meetings or at any other time, but still making decisions and / or situations causing slander, greed, filthy language, attitudes, immature, etc.. Surely the Spirit has filled you have not had any value for you.

Vigie. Our struggle is not only against the devil, but also against our wills and human conditions.


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domingo, 19 de setembro de 2010

The importance of choice

At the meeting of young lovers from 04.10.2008, under the ministry of youth leaders Fernando, Zina, and Ari Joelma, the staff discussed the importance of making the right choice of who will be elected in our hearts to share the moments health, illness, joys and sorrows. A very appropriate topic to be treated by those who are already dating and also for the aspirants. The message has been very clear: it is preferable to breaking up - or even engagement - that is not perceived affinity and complicity now than having to end a marriage or have a miserable life.

"If any of you Lack wisdom, let him ask of God, That giveth to all men liberally, and not upbraideth, and it Shall Be Given him." I James 1:5

You must be wise to be discerning of what God speaks to our hearts and He is no different when someone puts in our way, someone who makes the heart beat in another bar when it approaches.
Dating has a definition for those who fear God and another, completely skewed to the world. The latter, influenced by Satan, fold relationships in which we attach great importance to the spiritual rather than carnal.

Dating is time to understand, create affinity, friendship, to cultivate the love of pure form in the manner of God. It is crucial that we move away from worldly standards and understand that before Valentine's, we are brothers in Christ, and we should respect us as such. It is the duty of the couple are dating, engaged or married, help each other to achieve both spiritual wealth.

In the courtship phase is natural that the couple did not have enough life experience to solve alone all the conflicts and dilemmas that arise in the walk. Then comes the need to have the wisdom to seek help from church leaders and also their parents, which must be present not only in times of trouble, but always, assisting in the development of what will, over time, a new family .

Many of these conflicts can be resolved - or even eliminated - if the couple till the complicity and have freedom to engage in dialogue so that we can truly know who is on our side. Disagreements can - and will - happen, but call to chat amiably and say that did not please some attitude is a major step. One should not accumulate grievances, putting simply a stone on top of the issues that upset us. Listening is often wiser to say, sometimes it's only appropriate that the person who needs love.

"Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? "II Co 6:14

Profess the same faith is fundamental to reaching one happiness in life together. Can not walk for a husband and wife to another direction, so it is not advisable to start a courtship in which only one party lives in the Light of the Holy Spirit. The Word of God is explicit and if we do that way, hardly reach the long-awaited happiness in life together.

God reveals Himself to us when we reach intimacy with Him through the Holy Spirit. Making the right choices in our lives, in all respects, depends on our sensitivity to hear what he tells us.

This was a summary of what we talked, found a way to share what we have built and can be used to build the lives of many brothers.

May we stand in Peace and Grace of our Lord!

By Edmilson Severino 05:10:08