segunda-feira, 20 de setembro de 2010

The filling of the Spirit leads to brutal changes in our lives!

If you are visited by the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues, among other virtues of the Holy Spirit, surely your life will be transformed, no one lights a lamp and hides under the bed, God fills our lives the power of Him, at least need to be reflections of the character of Jesus, so that the Lord's name will be exalted through us.

If you have been filled with the Spirit in meetings or at any other time, but still making decisions and / or situations causing slander, greed, filthy language, attitudes, immature, etc.. Surely the Spirit has filled you have not had any value for you.

Vigie. Our struggle is not only against the devil, but also against our wills and human conditions.


Posted by Jonatas Alves 07:10:08

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  1. Good Day! Good Morning!

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    Nunber 02

    Good-Day ... God-Bless-You-All / Del & John